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Massage Therapy in Water

3x3 hours = 9 hours in total, $250 (no tax to add)
CMTO: 4.5 CEUs, Cat.A; CMTBC: 9 CECs, PE/A2
1st session (3 hrs) on land; 2nd & 3rd sessions (3 hrs each) in water.


MTiW is in a pool in Vegas, Toronto and Costa Rica. The ocean option is only offered in select Caribbean locations. (Feel free to suggest a beach if you have a favourite elsewhere in the world.


Everything about massage in water is different to massage on a table. Get faster and more profound results. Highly indicated for clients with arthritis and reduced mobility, edema, muscle tension, holding patterns and stress!

You don't need a swimming pool to benefit from taking this course. You'll be amazed at how much your treatments change once you've experienced massage therapy in a reduced gravity environment. And a swimming pool in Vegas is a lot closer and warmer than the space station.

Change the way you touch your clients!

Las Vegas No current dates for Vegas
(9 hours in total, 4.5 CEUs, Cat.A or 9 PE/A2) $250 (no tax to add)


On-Table Stretching

Fascial Stretching (Ontario: 4 CEUs, Cat.A; Alberta 7 Credits)
Learn simple and effective on-table stretches to reduce holding patterns. Borrowing from yoga and myofascial anatomy this 1-day course is almost all hands-on in a small group format. Covers both upper and lower limb stretch techniques. Includes truly effective hamstring stretches (on table and take-home for the client) and pec/shoulder/neck releases that will save you time, and save your hands
- Torontono current dates

Treatment Tutorials

A series of independent 1-day workshops reviewing treatment of the knee, shoulder, neck and pelvis. Use the full range of tools at the disposal of an RMT to get the best results from your treatments: assessment, fascial technique, joint play, stretches and remedial exercise. Make the most of these skills to supplement your Swedish technique and getter better results while reducing wear and tear on your body.

Learn how to read to visual clues that tell you where to treat - other than where the client's pain is. And how to make that treatment all about what the problem really is.

Fact: clients who feel better faster will refer more new clients to you.

Hip/Sacro-Iliac (CMTO:3.5 CEUs (Cat. A), MTAA: 7(pri), CMTBC:5)
Assess and treat sacroiliac dysfunction - one of the most common reasons clients come to see us. Learn how to read and correct leg length discrepancies using muscle energy at the hips. Use joint play techniques to save your hands and get great results with hard-to-reach structures. 3.5 CEUs (category A, CMTO)
- Toronto no current dates
Take both Hip/SI/Lumbar/Knee and save $25 on the Combo

Lumbar/Knee (CMTO:3.5 CEUs (Cat. A), MTAA: 7(pri), CMTBC:5)
Clients tend to think of it all as just back pain but the causes and therefore treatments are very different. Differentiate, assess and treat psoas contracture and hamstring imbalances, arthritis and lumbar facet and disc problems. Also, learn how to differentiate knee pain climbing and descending stairs, correct patella tracking and reduce pain in arthritic knees. Includes the foot & ankle where relevant to knee function. 3.5 CEUs (category A, CMTO)
- Toronto No current dates
Take both Hip/SI/Lumbar/Knee and save $25 on the Combo

Shoulder (CMTO:3.5 CEUs (Cat. A), MTAA: 7(pri), CMTBC:5)
If you've ever been confused by how to assess & treat your clients' shoulders then take this course. Isolate causes of pain such as AC joint, supraspinatus and biceps muscles. Includes fascial stretches for the shoulder, thorax, arm and forearm. There is no easy treatment for Frozen Shoulder, but you can recognize the early warning signs and reduce likelihood of progression. 3.5 CEUs (category A, CMTO)
- $210 (incl HST)
Take both Shoulder/Neck and save $25 on the Combo

Neck (CMTO:3.5 CEUs (Cat. A), MTAA: 7(pri), CMTBC:5)
Perhaps the most common reason our clients seek treatment is neck pain. Incorporates facet and nerve root irritation as well as Thoracic Outlet Syndrome, headaches and sinus congestion. 3.5 CEUs (category A, CMTO)
- $210 (incl HST)
Take both Shoulder/Neck and save $25 on the Combo


Please Note: I teach my practical workshops in small groups which ensures lots of 1-on-1 attention, but also means they sell out fast.

ALSO: there is some overlap of material between my Assessment Review course and the Treatment Tutorials. The reason to take both Assessment and any of the Tutorials would be greater detail of the Assessment portions.

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HIV & the RMT (5 CEUs Cat. A)
What to ask, and what the answers mean.

Sooner or later (if it hasn't happened already) a client is going to tick the HIV box on your case history form. It might be a tough subject for both the client and the RMT, but it needn't be.

HIV is simple to understand and address, so wouldn't you like to be comfortable with the material? Learn terminology, and explore the issues, both from a treatment perspective and an empathetic one.

A 1-day Q&A workshop that will help you talk professionally and intelligently to your clients about HIV and AIDS.

Due to the specialized nature of this subject matter, I hold this workshop when I get sufficient interest and requests, rather than scheduling specific dates. Please let me know if you and/or colleagues would like to create a learning tutorial on this topic.

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